Ruislip, Northwood and Eastcote
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Medieval Documents

This section contains reference material to support this research project. A listing of the Kings College holdings for Ruislip can be found on this link to Kings College Holdings for Ruislip. Further details of documents are given below together with scanned images, where available.

Court Rolls

1247/8 BEC/02 [32/33 Henry III]  Digital Image                  Transcription Translation

1288/96 BEC/9-11 Court Rolls with other Manors : -

BEC/9 Continuous roll - lots of details 1 para recto & 2-3 pages dorso of cases. Not scanned.

1290/2 BEC/10 [19/21 Edward I] Digital Image                  Transcription

BEC11 1 1/2pp x A4 size. Dorso hard to read & difficult to flatten for scanning.

1383/4 RUI/52 [7 Richard II] Digital Image                  Notes (Transcription currently not available)

1377/99 RUI/53 (14 items). One copied but image not currently available.

1422/61 RUI/58 Some items torn, ink faded : -

[3 Hen VI] - hole, torn near top.  [5 HenVI] - small writing packed with details r& d.

[8 Hen VI] - untorn but thin & wrinkled parchment, margin notes for entries for hamlets.

1434/5 RUI/58 [13 Henry VI] Digital Image Notes (Transcription not currently available)

1446/7 RUI/58 [25 Henry VI] Digital image Notes (Transcription not currently available)

RUI/58 [29 Henry VI] - top torn off, separate paragraphs for hamlets Westcot, Ascot, Norwood

1382 RUI/345 Court record (1 item). 1/2 membrane, diagonal tear, whole of top gone - in acid-free cellotex.

1425 RUI/352 Fragment part of court record.

1500 RUI/347 Court record. Too damaged to handle.

1475/00 RUI/342/4  Fragments.


The spread of rentals is disappointing - the earliest and latest ones are too fragile and damaged to be scanned, leaving 3 from 1377-1435 as possibilities.

1300/25 RUI/348 Very wrinkled and torn, too fragile to handle.

RUI/349 Fragment

RUI/350 Fragment

1375/00 RUI/190

1400/25 RUI/189,191,194 Not examined

1421/22 RUI/186 Long document - top slightly water damaged but information is clear.

1430 RUI/188 Not examined

1435 RUI/187

1500/1600 RUI/198 Rental of freehold and copyhold.

Paper document: poor condition - torn in two so can't be scanned. 

In English with names of tenants very clearly written so would be easy to read.

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