Ruislip, Northwood and Eastcote
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Documents predating 1500 and referencing Ruislip


This Glossary helps readers understand medieval terminology.


BL British Library

KC Kings College Holdings for Ruislip.  Holdings for Abbey of Bec

LMA London Metropolitan Archives

TNA The National Archives

Date    Source  Reference      Type   Comments

c1175 KC       RUI/7 Charter     Grant by Robert de Redinges to Bec Abbey. Transcription & Translation.

1226 KC         RUI/8 Release     Release by abbot of Bec to Gilbert Francigene [to be investigated]

1232 KC       RUI/9 Charter     Grant by Robert de Rading to Bec Abbey. [Transcription & Translation in hand]

c1245 BL MS24316 Customal      No digital image Transcription   Abstract Contents/Analysis

1246 KC       BEC/01              Court roll      Part digital image     Transcription & Translation

1247/8 KC BEC/02 Court roll      Digital image Transcription & Translation

1280 KC BEC/08 Court roll No digital image. Transcription & Translation (extract only from Maitland)

1289 Pipe roll No digital image. Transcription Translation

1290 KC BEC/09 Court roll No digital image.  Transcription & Translation (extract only from Maitland)

For Ruislip, there are 1 para recto & 2-3 pages dorso of cases.

1290/2 KC BEC/10 Court roll Digital image    Transcription & Translation     

1293/4 TNA E106/2/1? Extent      No digital image.   Abstract (p45-47) Analysis

1296 KC       BEC/11 Court Roll     No digital image.      Transcription & Translation (extract only from Maitland)

1300/25   KC         RUI/348 Rental      Very wrinkled and torn, too fragile to handle.

KC         RUI/349 Rental          Fragment

KC       RUI/350 Rental          Fragment

1324 TNA SC6/1126/5 Extent     No digital Image.  Abstract (p50-52) Analysis

1332 TNA     C241/121/158 Court     Debtor:Peter of Ruislip (brewer). Digital image Notes

1336 TNA     C241/108/106 Court     Debtor:John of Ruislip(son of Robert de Southcote) Digital Image Notes 

1343 LMA      ACC/0249/0504 Gift      Parties (1) Roger atte Hulle (2) Hugh Colyn & Joan his wife

1375/00   KC         RUI/190 Rental      Notes (Transcription not yet available)

     Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

1377/99 KC RUI/53 Court roll (14 items). One copied but image not currently available.

1382 KC       RUI/345 Court roll      1/2 membrane, diagonal tear, whole of top gone - in acid-free cellotex.

1383/4     KC         RUI/52               Court roll      Digital Image             Transcription & Translation

1399        LMA      ACC/0249/0503  Gift      (1) John Kynne (2) John Impey, William Verne & John Heydon, & John Dellyng

1400/25 KC         RUI/189,191,194 Rentals      Not examined

1421/22   KC         RUI/186             Rental           Long document - top slightly water damaged but information is clear.

1422/61   KC         RUI/58               Court roll      Some items torn & ink faded : -

     [3 Hen VI] - hole, torn at top [5 HenVI] - small writing packed with details r& d.

     [8 Hen VI] - untorn, thin & wrinkled parchment, hamlet notes in margin

1425 KC       RUI/352 Court roll        Fragment part of court record.

1426        LMA      ACC/0429/0501  Gift        Parties (1) John Kyn (2) John Pays & wife, Margaret, & heirs.

1430        KC         RUI/188             Rental            Not examined

1435 KC       RUI/187 Rental        Digital images:  p1-4  p5-8  p9-11  Notes (Transcription not yet available)

1434/5 KC RUI/58 Court roll Digital image Notes (Transcription not yet available)

1446/7 KC RUI/58 Court roll Digital image Notes (Transcription not yet available)

1447 LMA      ACC/0249/0218 Court roll Copy: Ruislip Manor

1450 KC RUI/58 Court roll [29 Henry VI] - top torn off, paragraphs for hamlets Westcot, Ascot, Norwood

1451 LMA     ACC/0249/0218  Court roll Copy: Ruislip Manor

1451 LMA     ACC/0249/0500  Gift                  Parties (1) John Croyson & Emmot, his wife; (2) Richard Alzyzie.

1457        LMA     ACC/0249/0030  Court roll         Copy. (1) Joan Broke; (2) Anisia, wife of Richard Lyon. Daughter & heir of (1)

1475/00   KC        RUI/342/4   Court roll         Fragments.

1481        LMA      ACC/0249/0218 Court roll         Copy: Ruislip Manor

1495        LMA      ACC/0249/0218 Court roll         Copy: Ruislip Manor

1500 KC RUI/347 Court roll  Too damaged to handle.

1500/1600 KC      RUI/198 Rental Freehold and copyhold.

        Paper document: poor condition - torn in two so can't be scanned. 

        In English, names of tenants very clearly written, so would be easy to read.

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