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This page identifies reading material to support those engaged in research on the Kings College document archive.


Project Introductory meeting of 11th May 2018.


Dates may be given by reference to feast dates.  This list is provided by MCS, a medieval re-enactment society.


* Eileen M. Bowlt, The Goodliest Place in Middlesex: A History of the ancient Parish of Ruislip from the Domesday Book to modern times (Hillingdon Borough Libraries 1989)

Hugh S. Braun, ‘Earliest Ruislip’, Transactions of London and Middlesex Archaeological Society, 7, Part 1, (1933), pp. 99-123: (the link is to the whole document which is very large).

Laurence E Morris:  Article in RDNHS 1953

Laurence E. Morris, ‘A Customal, and Customs of the Manor of Ruislip’, Transactions of London and Middlesex Archaeological Society, 19, part 1 (1958), pp. 22-33 


Marjorie Morgan, The English Lands of the Abbey of Bec (Oxford, Clarendon Press 1946, 1968)

Marjorie Chibnall [neé Morgan], ed. Select Docs. of the English Lands of the Abbey of Bec (Camden Soc. 3rd. ser. Vol. 73, London 1951)

Laurence E. Morris, A History of Ruislip (Ruislip Residents’ Association, 1956)

D. F. A. Kiddle, ‘The Changing Landscape of North-West Middlesex’, (Ph.D thesis, 2 Vols, 1974)  (Copy in RNELHS library)

Dates earliest references to place names, subsequent changes, and their map locations - very informative and extensive.

Journals of the Ruislip, Northwood & Eastcote Local History Society: 

Ruislip and the Abbey of Bec  Ruislip, Northwood & Eastcote Local History Society Occasional Paper 4 April 1988. 

Page 1 Introduction 

2 Foundation of the Abbey of Bec

5 Lanfranc

8 Anselm

11 The Rule of St Benedict

14 The Abbey of Bec in Normandy

15 English Lands of the Abbey of Bec

21 Organisation of the English Lands

22 Customal 1245 - part 1

Customal 1245 - part 2

40 Account Roll 1289

43 Alien Priories

53 The Great Barn

55 St Catherine's Manor

56 The end of the Abbey of Bec's rule in England (open page 55)

Victoria County History of Middlesex, Vol. IV: ‘Ruislip, Manors and other estates’, pp. 134-137: 

VCH Wiltshire, III, 395-6, and VCH Middlesex, I, 202-4, for the relationship between the priors of Ruislip and Ogbourne


* W.G. Hoskins, The Making of the English Landscape (1955 & numerous editions)

H. S. Bennett, Life on the English Manor (Cambridge 1937,1956)

* C. Dyer, Standards of Living in the Later Middle Ages: 1200-1520 (Cambridge U.P. 1989)

C. Dyer, A Country Merchant 1495-1520:  Trading & Farming at the end of the Middle Ages (Oxford U.P. 2012)

* Barbara A. Hanawalt, The Ties that Bound: Peasant Families in Medieval England (New York 1986)

Barbara F. Harvey, Westminster Abbey and its Estates (Oxford 1977)

Zvi Razi, Life Marriage & Death in a Medieval Parish 1270-1400 (Cambridge 1986)

M. K. McIntosh, Autonomy and Community: The Royal Manor of Havering 1300-1500 (Cambridge U.P. 1986)

E. Miller & J. Hatcher, Medieval England:  Rural Society & Economic Change 1086-1348 (Longman, London 1978)

P.D.A. Harvey, A Medieval Oxfordshire Village:  Cuxham 1240-1400 (Oxford U.P. 1965)


Mark Bailey, ed., The English Manor: Selected Sources (Manchester U.P. 1993)

* P.D.A. Harvey, Manorial Records (British Record Association, London 1984)

P.D.A. Harvey, ed., Manorial Records of Cuxham, Oxfordshire c. 1200-1359 (Hist. Manuscripts Commission/Oxfordshire Rec. Soc. 1976)

N. J. Hone, The Manor & Manorial Records (London 1906)

* D. Stuart, Manorial Records:  An Introduction to their Transcription & Translation (Phillimore, Chichester 1982)  c. £15 new.

C.R. Cheney, Handbook of Dates for Students of English History (Royal Historical soc. London 1961)

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J. Mountford ed., Kennedy's Revised Latin Primer (Longman, London 1962)

C. Trice Martin, The Record Interpreter (2nd. Edn. 1910, Facsimile Phillimore, Chichester 1982)

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