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Index to RNELHS Journals

This Index refers to every article relating to an historical subject or to an individual in any edition of the RNELHS Journal, which was first published in 1978 and annually thereafter. The RNELHS Bulletin, the predecessor to the Journal, last produced in 1977 is not included, nor are the Newsletters, Reports of Society and LAMAS meetings, visits and other activities are also not included. Obituaries are indexed, but not brief references to the deaths of members. Only complete articles are identified, not individual pages within them.

How to use the Index

The Index is in three parts, the first of which, Articles by Year and Reference, is the key to the reference numbers used in the other two. These references uniquely identify each contribution and which Journal it is in by year/article No. The references also appear in the Contents for Journals from 1997 onwards.

To find articles that cover particular subjects, refer to the Keyword Index. This gives the major themes (up to 12) of each article, sorted alphabetically. It is not a complete list of all names or places mentioned, but aims at least to cover all cases where there is a paragraph or more concerning a subject, place, building or individual. Locations are identified by modern street names, not by the names in use at the time in question.

The Author Index enables contributions by a particular author to be found.

This Index was last published in Journal 2008. It will be re-published in the Journals periodically and on the website annually to form a cumulative reference. Any corrections or suggestions for improvement would be welcome.

How to access articles

All RNELHS Journals are available at Uxbridge Library, or can be accessed at Ruislip Library on request.

Many Journals can now be read on-line. The main Articles by Year and Reference index indicates if the Journal is on-line and to access a copy of the whole journal from that index, activate the journal "on-line" link. You can then browse through the on-line copy of the Journal to find the specific article you wish to read. For some of the more recent journals, you may find that the article you wish to read is shown with a link. In that case, merely activate the link shown for the article and this will take you directly to the article without the need to browse the Journal to find it. 

Searching without using the Index

Alternatively you may perform your own text search for those copies of the Journal that are on-line.

The Journals On-line page of this website lists the years available for searching and gives further information about how to use this facility.

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